North Birch Productions is a place where you can go as a business, an artist, or an individual and find the creative support you need to tackle all your artistic projects. We are a community of leading artists that offer creative services across a wide spectrum; including PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM, MUSIC, RECORDING, and EDITING.

It can be an overwhelming and difficult task searching for someone trustworthy and talented enough to execute your precious ideas. At North Birch, not only do we have an incredible team of proven talent, but you will also find them wonderfully pleasant to work with. We focus all our energy on imagining and producing premium digital content tailored to your specific needs.

Seth Kupersmith, the founder of North Birch Productions, had a wide range of creative influences. He grew up in a home filled with musicians and artists, and had a passion for photography and film at a young age. He has been a member, and leader, of half a dozen musical groups, and also later went to film school. It's fair to say Seth didn’t know exactly where his creative talents would land, he just knew he had to do something with his artistic passions. And that’s how North Birch was born.

North Birch knows that your projects are very important to you. We lose sleep over making our clients happy. If you are excited about the final product, it means we get to sleep that night. Let’s work together. We’ll create something awesome!